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Bring simplicity to

Cash Recycling


Universally drive and manage cash automation machines with complete choice of hardware, full device functionality, and real-time integration with teller applications.

The foundational software that powers innovation

S4+NORM is the only true enterprise, web-based solution that integrates cash-handling hardware directly to banking cores.

Drive 1 or 5000 devices with a single install, and eliminate individual workstation drivers, screen-scraping, and dual entry processes for good.

Improve teller efficiency by reducing manual tasks and automating balancing through a direct teller application and cash recycler integration.

Bring all hardware onto the network, ensure faster processing speeds, and eliminate disruption during network outages.

Drive devices directly

through your

Teller application

Skyrocket efficiency and eliminate end-of-day balancing tasks.

Why S4+ Norm?

Primarily through word-of-mouth and client referrals, S4+NORM is gaining rapid user adoption among banks and credit unions of all sizes. Combine that with all the benefits below, our exceptional customer service, and a forward-thinking team— and you’ve got something magical.

footprints on
Universal driver
for all recycler
makes & models
Consistent teller ​
workflows across
all branches & hardware
Bring all
infrastructure types
onto the network
latency issues &
optimize speed
configuration &

Customer success always makes for a great story

We get results. Just ask these guys.

Powered By S4 + Norm

Above and beyond our foundational integration, CFM provides even more future-flex capabilities to power your Branch of the Future. See what else is possible.

RTA: Break The Chains Of Your Hardware


IQ: Real-time Device Analytics

NOMADIX: A Tablet-based Associate Interface

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