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Ornl CU

Going Outside the Lines to Change the Member Journey

The Details

Project Type: Universal Associates

Project Size: Network-Wide

# of Branches: 27

# of Machines: 55

The Story

ORNL was on a mission – to reimagine how they did business with members. And they realized the traditional teller line and queue mentality wasn’t what consumers wanted from a retail experience.

As Janita Clausell, Senior VP and Chief Member Experience Officer puts it, “We’re not the Price is Right with a ‘come on down’ type of mentality. Instead, we want our staff to come to members the moment they walk in the door, and have the ability to serve them from start to finish.”

So ORNL gathered their staff to build their vision of marrying technology and people to enable Universal Associates, open branches, and exceptional engagement strategies.

The problem was a huge gap in the technology that would actually allow them to accomplish their goals. Thankfully, ORNL FCU met CFM at a local conference and immediately saw how Remote Transaction Assist (RTA) was the answer to their problem.

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The Results

CFM and ORNL got RTA up and running in one day. Even better, staff were just as quick to use RTA and see the benefits. Transactions were faster and serving members was so much easier. Their only feedback was wishing they had RTA sooner!

It’s easy to see how this technology has changed the way staff engages and interacts with members, truly delivering the experience and universal service ORNL set out to achieve.

“It’s exciting when a new process is so much easier than the previous. CFM's RTA adds so many conveniences in so many different areas, it’s unbelievable.”

Megan Sandiford, Branch Manager

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